“It’s amazing how much we both sound like Little Richard. we must be bloody great.”


“The greatest Little Richard styled vocalist on the planet.”



Brenda Lee picked Roy as “...one of the best piano players and the most polished Rock’n’Roll vocalists out of England.”



“You sound just like me! You have a great future ahead of you. Here’s a gift so you’ll always remember me.”


“If we all learned to sing from the book that Roy Young learned from, we’d all be ‘F--------g’ great.”


“When Roy was appearing at the Greyhound, Fulham Rd., London, I kidnapped him during his encore to play on my Beck, Bogart and Appice album. In my book he’s the guv’nr. ”

“Your piano playing reminds me of Johnny Johnson who has been with me for many years.”


“I’m so glad that we’re touring together. It’s great that you helped Adam Faith with his singing ‘What Do You Want’ a huge hit.”


“I would watch the TV shows Oh Boy! and Drumbeat with my mates. His voice is one of the greatest. He taught me some amazing vocal techniques”

“Roy, you play a mean Boogie Woogie piano and I love the style of your voice.”


“You play a great Boogie Woogie piano, and what an incredible voice.”


“John often talked about you and the star-club days when you played with him, he said ‘Roy Young is an amazing Rock'n'Roller’.”